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Grantham Lamb

Premium Lamb Products

Our Lamb is sourced only from our own farms. Its superior eating quality is the result of special breeding and care to ensure quality feeding and calm handling.

Our own breeding program since 2007 is now combined with the benefits of the Australian White breed to give the taste sensations that we guarantee will not be bettered.

The Name

Grantham is the name given to our home property by the WW1 bride from Grantham in Lincolnshire, England.

The People

Mary and Denis Tinkler along with son Rob farm Grantham today. It was purchased by Denis’ parents in 1964.

The Sheep

The Tinkler family were traditional lamb producers using Poll Dorset rams over 1st Cross ewes. Their ram supplier moved to Composites and so began the journey for a self replacing flock. White Dorper and Van Rooy were added to the Poll Dorset/Texel/ White Suffolk composites.  We soon noticed a superior eating quality. Australian White bloodlines from Tattykeel have now been introduced to stabilise this eating quality and to enhance the breeding attributes.

What Makes Grantham Lamb So Good?

Eating quality is a function of feeding and breeding.

Our lambs are principally grazed on the rich irrigated pastures of the Riverina. The mild climate allows year round production under natural conditions. Our breeding has produced superior carcase conformation and fat composition. This gives us meat that is both tender and has a sensational mouth feel.


Grantham Lamb is available through
Ashley Haynes Butchery Finley

03 5883 1221

Or talk to the farmer direct

Denis Tinkler
0407 344 899